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This is a holding page, with the "stylistics" somewhat a work in progress!

The fact that you are here at this time suggests you have come looking for specific content, that I have referenced (or the cat has walked over your keyboard and randomly typed this web address.

The two pieces in progress currrently are :


"When to sell" - continuation of the piece I wrote on Stockopedia (Last Updated 20-Jul-2021)

"When to sell" - Held or Felled? (Last Updated 21-Jul-2021)

To do:

"Balance sheet teardown - from the 'begginers guide to balance sheets' Sorry this one was forced completly off my radar - will come back to in in due course however.

Beyond that, whether this will become a full on blog or not remains to be seen. I will certainly be writing some addtional content here that doesn't properly belong anywhere else, but I'm always open to suggestions.

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